Social Advertising

Why Data-Driven Advertising is Essential for your Business

Digital advertising is very expensive and every company needs to make sure that the ROI is big enough in the end. With data, they can make sure that's the case. With Data-Driven Advertising you'll become more relevant to your audience due to personalized ads.

A woman uses at a holographic User Interface.

A woman uses at a holographic User Interface.

It's no secret, that Data-Driven Marketing is the future of marketing and helps to boost your company's ROI. This trend will continue in the future and even conservative enterprises are changing their strategies. We could write an Essay about this topic, but for now, we focus on Data-Driven Advertising.

Let's see, why Data-Driven Advertising is essential for success:

Reach the right people.

You want to find those clients who will not only convert and buy from you, but who will be loyal, repeat clients and brand ambassadors to their friends and family.

Social media data points toward your ideal client. What they post, what they talk about, what times they post, what they do – these are all clues to your audience. You can use these clues to virtually walk through your ideal client's social media journey, day by day, week by week. Then you can track their online activities – what they post, whom they follow, how often they interact with others – using sophisticated analytics tools.

Data can help you find the ideal client and save a lot of costs.

Personalized, Highly-Targeted Campaigns.

Hacking into someone's computer to steal personal or sensitive information is a breach of trust, and we don't want that to happen. That's why we created Data-driven Advertising. It's powered by AI and machine learning technology. And it allows us to target our ads more precisely – while keeping the consumer happy by offering them value.

Data-driven advertising means advertisers don't have to guess what they're selling to their clients; they can simply communicate with them, offering relevant information in tailored, branded campaigns that are fully segmented based on their insatiable need for personal information.

Dynamic Ads for high Relevance.

Instead of presenting the same static ads across all ad networks, you can use behavioral data such as product affinities, browsing history, and geo-location to display dynamically personalized ads (Dynamic Ads) and customized promotions that match individual user needs and preferences.

Using Dynamic Ads with automated personalization capabilities increases engagement and leads to higher ROI. A more comprehensive, personalized approach to communicating with your clients increases purchase intent and brand favorability.


Data-driven advertising has made marketing more personalized. Targeted messages are getting consumers to act more productively. Advertisers are capturing more data than ever before about their clients. With this data, they're able to make more informed decisions about their ad campaigns and be more efficient at reaching their goals.

These goals could be:

  • Decrease ad spend and increase campaign ROI
  • Improve conversion rate and loyalty
  • Deliver maximum relevancy at scale

Collecting data is fine, but without using it, it's just a waste of time. Decisions in business needs data as its foundation. The same is with digital advertising. A strong data foundation and the right strategy are the keys to success. And we guarantee you, that you will reach your goal.