Answers to your questions.


What services do you offer?

We do Performance Marketing for social media and search engines. Even though we are proficient in every platform, we specialize in Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. But we also can handle LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other. Just tell us what you want to do and we look if we can work together.

Why should I work with Elirius?

We have more than 10 years of experience in Performance Marketing. And we are certified the longest on Facebook worldwide. We are proud to be masters of our trade. Elirius doesn't have long decision-making processes, internal politics or endless bureaucracy. Therefore, we are flexible and fast. So fast that our clients love us for it.

But enough about us. You will get excellent service and you can trust our years of experience. You benefit from fast communication, high flexibility and get the best campaigns.

How do you select your clients?

In an initial meeting, we will discuss your goals and how we can most efficiently achieve them. If we think we can help you and there is a good fit between us, then there is nothing standing in the way of us working together.

Which partners do you work with?

We are independent, but we can rely on our lovely partners: Omnicom Media Group (OMD), Publicis Media, Havas Media, Helloyou Studio, Acxiom, Brandwatch and other brands.

Do you have any certification?

Our Employees are certified by Google, IBM, Hubspot and, of course, Facebook. Our founder holds the Facebook Blueprint Planning Professional certification the longest in the world.

Vi Noir

What is Vi Noir?

Vi Noir is an AI driven advertising solution. Our AI uses automated optimizations, the algorithm learning function and AI based audiences to increase the efficiency of your ads. Thus, your audience sees the best ads and feels personally addressed. And that leads to the best advertising results while increasing your ROAS.

Please visit for detailed information about Vi Noir.

Are there any requirements to use Vi Noir?

You need at least 30,000 Euros of advertising budget per months to ensure that our AI gets enough live data and can function flawlessly. We definitely recommend AI driven advertising to our clients if they have enough budget.


Who build your website?

Bizarrely, we get asked this a lot. Our website is 100% selfmade by us.

How can I apply for a job?

You can apply for a job here.

I still have a question.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback.