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Up to 83% time saving.
An automation software for Scrum sprints.

Cypher is a custom web application that helps agile development teams plan the next sprint in their Scrum framework. It considers available manpower and data from the project management tool Atlassian Jira to generate self-updating reports and tables to track the daily work progress.

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faster sprint planning
time saving
higher planning accuracy


The Scrum Master inside the agile development team has the responsibility to plan the scrum sprints every two weeks of their team. All sprints were calculated by a single employee in a complicated Excel spreadsheet and a self-made CLI-tool, which is a very time-consuming task. Our interviews and observations showed us also, that the whole process is too complicated and unpleasurable for the user.


A solution could be a central web application that automates many steps. It should be usable by every employee of the agile development team. With the goal of reducing the planning effort to a maximum and significantly increasing reliability.


A central web application called Cypher, that fetches data from the Jira and Personio API was the result. It automatically calculates all the necessary data and also displays the daily work progress in a self-updating chart. The user only has to create and start a sprint. That’s all left to do. Cypher saves time, is very accurate and a pleasure to use.

Time saving with Cypher

Time saving with Cypher.

Interface screenshot

Interface screenshot.

Reflection of the project

Growing together in the digital age is amazing. Developing an ERP software was an interesting and nice experience. The client is very happy and benefits from huge time savings and an optimized workflow in their daily work. At the end, if our client is satisfied, we are happy.

A look into the future

An AI integration would be a useful upgrade, because the AI could make valuable predictions based on collected data. Currently, the dev team estimates in a meeting how many tickets they can handle in a sprint, which takes up to 20 minutes every two weeks and interrupts their workflow. With precise AI prediction, this could be optimized.

“It was a pleasure to work with Elirius. They involved us into the whole process and they understood our core problems from the beginning. Cypher is an amazing solution for our sprint planning process. It has never been so easy to plan sprints for our teams. Our team agrees that our productivity, because of the software, has increased sustainably and will continue to do so. We thank Elirius for this amazing work."

— Scrum Master, Client

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