Increasing brand awareness of digital products of the brand hesssenschau with individual market research study.

The hessenschau brand is the regional magazine on Hessischer Rundfunk television and the most successful and popular program on linear hr television. In recent years, the product range of the hessenschau brand has been expanded to include numerous digital products.

Social Advertising — TV station

product awareness
brand awareness

The aim was to achieve a measurable, significant and sustainable increase in awareness of the digital hessenschau products.

The primary campaign objective was defined as increasing brand awareness and recommendations of hessenschau's digital products in the focus target group of 25- to 34-year-olds. Secondary to the main objective, new users* should be won over for these products.

The development of an individual study solution.

In collaboration with Publicis Pixelpark, which was the creative agency responsible for the conceptual and operational development of the campaign, video and image ads were chosen as the ideal format for the regional brand awareness campaign.

Two different creative routes were developed and tested for suitability in a previous A/B test.

The advertising media were designed to show both the brand "hessenschau", the individual digital products, and direct examples of use. The focus target group was set at 25- to 34-year-old users*.

Three mobile screenshots of the hessenschau campaign.

Elirius' strategic approach leads to success.

The ads were optimized for awareness KPIs to ensure that as many as possible remembered both the brand and the digital products. In addition, the aim was to ensure that the brand was more positively associated and therefore recommended.

Elirius was responsible for the strategic and operational implementation of the social media campaign and used a Facebook Brand Lift study to investigate the impact the 6-week campaign had on the audience.

A popular brand becomes even more popular

The hessenschau awareness campaign achieved more than 14.5 million high-quality impressions with a target audience coverage of almost 87%.

  • Over 4% increase in awareness of digital products
  • Just under 5% increase in brand awareness
  • Over 6% increase in brand awareness in focus target group
  • Over 6.5% increase in positive referrals
  • Just under 10% increase in positive recommendations in focus target group
  • Just under 20,000 potential new users

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