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How to manage to increase your sales quickly and achieve your business goals in a predictable way, without having to invest additional time.

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Do you have one or more of these typical problems?


You are not reaching your target audience

With your current online presence you do not reach your target group. As a result, the hoped-for customer acquisition fails to materialize and you are frustrated. The right strategy is crucial here.


You have already burned your fingers on agencies.

Unfortunately, there are many black sheep in the industry. Empty promises, unrealistic promises and agencies that don't even care about their CLV or margin. Yeah, that sucks.


Your return-on-investment is not satisfactory.

Most of the time, adjusting screws are overlooked that could think costs. Or it is optimized by gut feeling, not by data. This constrains the algorithm udn works against you.


You invest in advertising but without profitable results.

Lack of understanding is the main reason for this. Because many try Social Media Ads and Google Ads on their own and fail. In the process, you also don't fix your car if you don't understand anything about it.

What we do

With performance marketing we increase your online presence, boost your visibility and sell your product or service. To do this, we engage with your target audience through multiple touchpoints to optimize your customer acquisition.

Today it's not enough to just be online, you have to do it right.

You have to be present, otherwise you will be overrun by your competitors. And also your advertising budget can be as high as it is - if they don't reach their target audience, then it's wasted.

Elirius understands how to connect with your target audience through multiple touchpoints. Our team specializes in advertising campaigns on social media and Google to achieve your business goals.

What we can do for you.

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Social Media Ads

Strategic and personalized Social Media Ads.

Utilizing the latest technology and expertise, we create, advise, and implement holistic strategies across various digital channels to achieve your business goals.

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Google Ads

Revenue-driven Google Ads to deliver tangible business results.

We take an audience-centric approach, using a mixture of contextual signals, various data, and demographics, in order to pre-qualify searches and optimize your spend.

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AI driven Advertising

Enhance your Advertising Results with AI Power.

New AI technology helps us to advertise more efficiently than ever before. AI-based algorithms deliver industry-leading results for clients that want the absolute best.

Case-Studies from our Clients.

Telekom logo in the form of a light panel.


Client goal

Deutsche Telekom's business customer unit has set itself the goal of becoming the leading provider of home office solutions. Building on this, the partner products from Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple an Cisco should be sold.

Client results

  • 9.43x cheaper than the industry, at a cost per visit to local stores
  • only 32€ cost per device sold (MacBook, Surface etc.)
  • 45.2 million high-quality impressions
  • 11.3% increase in awareness of Telekom as a home office provider
  • 1 Silver Effie, for the excellent implementation
Behind the scenes at a film studio.


Client goal

The goal was a measurable, significant and sustainable increase in awareness of the digital hessenschau products. The focus target group was to be all 25- to 34-year-olds in the state of Hesse. Furthermore, new users were to be won for these products.

Client results

  • 4% Increase in awareness of digital products
  • 5% Increase in brand awareness
  • 6% Increase in brand awareness in the focus target group
  • 6.5% Increase in positive recommendations
  • 10% Increase in positive recommendations in the focus target group
  • 20,000 potential new users
Photo from a business meeting.

Cosmo Consult

Client goal

The goal of the campaign was to get applications for vacancies. Because job ads were too expensive for the client, we proposed a traffic campaign to direct users to specific landing pages. Through well-chosen target groups and appealing creatives, the client was able to achieve 25 qualified applications within one month.

Client results

  • 2,200 Clicks
  • 3.00€ CPC
  • 25 Applications

The Core-Team.

Black and white photo of a person.

Toni Liedtke

Paid Social

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Max Schöbel

Paid Social

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Hai Chu

Google Ads

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Nga Lam

Google Ads

Black and white photo of a person.

Angelo Schombert

Sales Consultant

What makes us stand out.

Toni holds his Facebook Blueprint certificate in the air.
  • 11 years of experience in social media ads
  • Experience on all platforms
  • Meta certificate (record holder)
  • Media awards like the Effie
  • Practical experience from start-up to corporate
  • 97% of our clients recommend us
  • Clients achieve 9x better results when working with us

What clients appreciate about us.

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With us, there is no minimum contract period for you. If you wish, you can terminate the cooperation at any time.

Flag on a hill—king of the hills.

10 Years Experience

You benefit from more than 10 years of experience in Performance Marketing. Thus, we know how the game works.

A clock visualizes speed.

Faster than Light

Our clients love us for our flexibility and speed. You want something done in the evening before XMAS? We do it for you.

People we've work with


Industry results

Return on Invest for a software client
Return on ad spend for a SaaS client
Return on Invest for an entertainment client
Return on ad spend for a telco client

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