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You get the most Efficient Ads ever. How? Expertise and Artificial Intelligence.

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Whatever you want to achieve with Social Media Ads or Google Ads—we achieve it for you in the most efficient way. We combine our expertise with AI technology to ensure the best results for our clients.

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See your campaign performance before it even started.

Before your campaign starts, our AI shows an estimation of your campaign results with an accuracy of 96%—before it even started. This estimation is based on millions of external data streams from different industries.

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Automated Cross-Channel optimization.

Our AI connects Paid Social with Paid Search. And it can optimize your campaign automatically across all channels to ensure best results for your campaign goals.

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With AICR, we measure how effective your creative is.

Does your creative fits your headline and copy? Is it effective for your target audience? Our AI analyzes your ad, finds hidden potentials, and knows what will perform better for your target audience.

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Industry results

Return on Invest for a software client
Return on ad spend for a SaaS client
Return on Invest for an entertainment client
Return on ad spend for a telco client

Long-term partnerships and growing together with you is our motivation. Thus, we provide an excellent quality of service.

We are flexible and fast, because at Elirius we don’t have long decision-making processes, internal politics or endless bureaucracy. You get a project manager who keeps an eye on your campaigns and supports you in all matters. And this make us the preferred partner of many medium-sized companies and large enterprises.

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And your budget?

Lower your budget—get the same advertising results.

Keep your budget—get better advertising results.

Increase your budget—maximize your advertising results.

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More AI details.

How exactly does the AI process work?

At the beginning we check all the advertising materials you provided to us. After this step we load all materials into our system which creates advertisements out of all possible combinations., such as visual, primary text, CTA etc. to test them against each other and find the best possible ads for your campaign.

During the course of the campaign, optimization takes place in real time, so that only the best ads are displayed after a specified period of time. In this process, our AI replaces expensive Neuro-Marketing and delivers the results directly without long waiting and testing times. Thus, your audience sees the best ads and they feel personally addressed.

At the end of the runtime, an evaluation is made to determine why certain ads achieved better results than others. For example: "A shorter CTA leads to more clicks"; "Red disruptors lead to more conversions" and so on. You'll know exactly what worked best and why.

Are there more AI features?

Of course. Additionally to all features listed above, our AI can provide these features:

  • Your campaign is optimized 24/7 in real-time—even on Christmas
  • You'll reach your target audience more efficiently—without scattering loss
  • Your ads won't suffer from the ad fatigue effect
  • Your ad budget is used in the most efficient way to maximize your ROAS
  • You profit from exclusive algorithms that enhance the platforms algorithms
  • You generates Neuro-Marketing learnings in a few weeks at low cost