My Anime Design

Increasing traffic and conversion through Google Ads for an E-Commerce Start-Up.

My Anime Design creates products that inspire anime, manga and cosplay fans. But the brand is still hardly known except for trade fair appearances. Our goal was to change that and establish My Anime Design as a brand, especially in the search environment.

Google Ads – Conversion – E-Commerce

Traffic Increase
Conversion Uplift

Client's business goal

The client's goal was to generate traffic to establish his online store in the niche. Together with Elirius, he decided to run a targeted Google Ads campaign, as the target audience was searching for anime-style masks on Google at the time.

Our solution approach

Our strategy was to conduct a detailed audience persona analysis to create the right keywords paired with effective, personalized ad copy. Through extensive research and valuable input from the client, we were very optimistic that our strategy would work.

Elirius strategy leads to success

The brand became better known and potential customers became familiar with it. Many took the chance to convince themselves of the brand and its products by placing an order. This is well reflected in the further results of the campaign.

  • 678% traffic increase of the online store
  • 377% conversion uplift
  • 3.12 ROAS