Omnicom Media Groupe

Increased Campaign Efficiency and client service in Paid Social and Google Ads.

Omnicom Media Group Germany is the German media holding company of Omnicom, a leading global communications, advertising and marketing services group. With the agencies OMD, PHD and Hearts & Science, it comprises three relevant and fast-growing media agency networks in Germany, which serve well-known advertising companies in the areas of strategy, communication, media planning, media buying, optimization and research.

Paid Social – Google Ads – Efficiency increase

Event Responses

Client's business goal

The goal of Omnicom Media Groupe was to increase the efficiency of previous campaigns for various clients, so that better results are achieved and employees can better familiarize themselves with the campaigns. Furthermore, various clients (travel service, insurance, food) were to be supported and advised - from strategy to implementation.

Our Tasks

During our collaboration, we were to support Omnicom Media Groupe in the areas of Paid Social and Google Ads.

  • Paid Social and Google Ads
  • Account management of various clients
  • Increasing campaign efficiency
  • Campaign management and consulting
  • Time saving by fixing Tableaut dashboard

Our solution approach

For Google Ads, we have revised the campaign structures and made them clearer. Furthermore, we analyzed the keywords and made them more effective, so that better results could be achieved.

For Paid Social, we improved target group targeting by conducting various tests with Custom Audiences (e.g., website visitors in the last 60 days) and Lookalike Audiences (LAL1% to LAL5%) in addition to common retargeting methods. The purpose was to find out how to make the best use of the clients' advertising budget.

We also used our technical knowledge to fix the Tableaut dashboard, which was not working at the time, with the EMEA team so that Excel reports could be dispensed with.

Elirius strategy leads to success

Through our help, we were able to jointly achieve very good results for various clients, generate valuable learnings and increase the efficiency of several Google Ads campaigns. The resulting time savings, combined with the now functioning Tableaut dashboard, has led to a successful collaboration.

Exemplary results from a client who wanted to attract viewers for a livestream:

  • 0.90€ CPR
  • 3,200 Event Responses
  • 516,000 people reached