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Telekom – High-quality B2B leads, 9x cheaper than the competition, and 1 Silber Effie Award.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest and most popular telecommunications companies in the world. Telekom's offerings range from network technology, software and hardware to office equipment with individual consulting.

Social Advertising — Brand Awareness — Conversion

lower CPL as industry avg.
increased brand awareness
45,2 mio
high-quality impressions


Telekom used a multimedia campaign to position itself as a leading provider of home office solutions and was able to generate high-quality B2B leads at a CPA 9x better than the competition thanks to an excellent strategy.

Client's business goal

The pandemic has made working from home increasingly important - but often the conditions are not ideal.

As a pioneer for digitization in Germany, Deutsche Telekom's business customer division set itself the goal of changing exactly that. "Working at home, just like in the office" — became the campaign's guiding principle.

To achieve the goal, Telekom first had to position itself as the leading provider of home office solutions. Building on this, partner products from Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple & Cisco were to find their way into homes.

Our solution approach

In close cooperation with Telekom, we developed a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube that combined several goals and harmonized excellently with the TV commercials.

Stromberg star Christoph-Maria Herbst was cast as a credible and authentic testimonial. With a lot of humor, typical home office problems were addressed and the qualified B2B target group was offered a suitable solution for their problems at the same time.

Machine learning based on the results enabled the target group to be further pre-qualified. This enabled Telekom to use its acquisition budget even more cost-effectively in subsequent measures.

In addition to classic sales campaigns for partner products (MacBook, Surface, etc.), we focused primarily on personal consulting - digitally and on-site, through in-store traffic.

Ad Creative examples

Telekom Creative

Elirius strategy leads to success

Through intensive consulting, we developed a strategy that not only won an Effie, but also helped Telekom to exceed its goals many times over and win many new customers.

  • 9.43x cheaper than the industry, at a cost per visit to local stores
  • only 32€ cost per sold device (MacBook, Surface etc.)
  • 45.2 million high-quality impressions
  • 11.3% increase in awareness on meta (FB/IG) of Telekom as home office provider
  • 8.3% Video views of 65" long-form videos
  • 1 Silver Effie, for the excellent implementation

Client quote

Working closely with Toni, we were able to position Telekom as the leading provider of home office solutions across all touchpoints. We are still very impressed with the results of the sales phase. We are now using the resounding success to develop the upcoming plot to continue the campaign. (translated)

— Ilonka Döge, Deutsche Telekom

Thanks to all involved for the good cooperation: