Detailed overview of our services.

Paid Performance Marketing

Our Performance Marketers run activity across Paid Search and Paid Social. With people-based marketing techniques at the core of our strategies, we build the right campaign around your audience to connect with them in meaningful moments and deploy non-last click attribution models to help you realize the effectiveness of your activity.

Paid Social Advertising

We understand the need to connect with your audience across multiple touchpoints and have a team who specialize in running campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. We provide strategy, ad creation, intelligent targeting segmentation, campaign monitoring and optimization, conversion tracking and campaign reporting.

We can always A/B test a number of variables for a campaign, bespoke to your business goal for the campaign, and to deliver marketing insights and learnings. This can be testing different regions, assets, copy or landing pages. We will tailor this to you, and always highlight future learnings. And then your next your strategy has a grounding in past successes.

Further to this, we hold relationships with the platforms; including TikTok. To ensure we are staying on top of the latest social features and techniques.

Google Ads

We use our expertise in tech and entertainment to deliver industry-leading results for our clients.

We take an audience-centric approach to Google Ads, using a mixture of contextual signals, 1st and 3rd party data and demographics, in order to pre-qualify searches and optimize your spend. This granular approach filters down to ad copy generation, ensuring we’re serving personalized copy to each user segment.

Our team of Google Ads experts primarily focus on long-tail keywords, where intent is the highest. We deploy a Modified Broad Match and Exact Match split allowing us to discover new terms for your services, whilst maintaining presence where conversion is strongest.

Google Shopping

We take the same audience-centric approach to Google Shopping, as we do to search campaigns, whilst building granular product groups from your feed to maximize efficiency.

Feed optimization is at the center of driving results on Google Shopping and so our team of experts will advise you on best practices to improve your search relevance and traffic filtering so your products stand out from the crowd.


We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to reporting. We want to be your strategic partner. That's why we start by identifying the metrics and analytics your team and stakeholders require. From this, we will build out the most relevant dashboard or executive summaries as a standard.

At Elirius we automate all reporting, allowing our team to focus their time on the highest return tasks like analyzing data, optimizing your campaigns, and spotting expansion opportunities.

AI driven Advertising

At the beginning we check all the advertising materials you provided to us. After this step we load all materials into our system which creates advertisements out of all possible combinations., such as visual, primary text, CTA etc. to test them against each other and find the best possible ads for your campaign.

During the course of the campaign, optimization takes place in real time, so that only the best ads are displayed after a specified period of time. In this process, our AI replaces expensive Neuro-Marketing and delivers the results directly without long waiting and testing times. Thus, your audience sees the best ads and they feel personally addressed.

At the end of the runtime, an evaluation is made to determine why certain ads achieved better results than others. For example: "A shorter CTA leads to more clicks"; "Red disruptors lead to more conversions" and so on. You'll know exactly what worked best and why.